Jesse Ocean’s Odyssey: Leading Ooze Studios to Creative Heights

Once upon a time in the bustling city of Melbourne, Jesse Ocean embarked on a journey that would transform the marketing agency landscape. As the founder and CEO of Ooze Studios, Jesse’s story is one of innovation, growth, and a commitment to making a positive impact. Jesse, a digital pioneer with a decade-long background in finance and marketing, felt a calling to address the shortcomings he observed in traditional marketing campaigns. Too often, these campaigns lacked a revenue focus, prompting Jesse to envision a more efficient approach. In 2017, he founded Ooze Studios, driven by a mission to help B2B and B2C clients achieve their business goals through leaner and more effective marketing strategies. We at CIO Global, are proud to have Jesse Ocean as one of Business Heroes: CEOs to Watch, 2023.

“In the heart of Melbourne, Jesse Ocean’s journey unfolded, reshaping the marketing landscape with a commitment to innovation and positive impact.”

As the CEO of Ooze Studios, Jesse wears many hats, each carefully chosen to drive the success of his company. His focuses include key stakeholder management, guiding the Ooze leadership team, nurturing the well-being and growth of every team member, innovating service delivery models, and ensuring sustainable growth through effective business strategies. Under Jesse’s leadership, Ooze Studios has achieved remarkable milestones. The company boasts consistent ROI for B2C clients ranging from 3,000 to 4,500%, a testament to the effectiveness of their innovative marketing strategies. The team of 14 Oozesome humans, as Jesse affectionately calls them, engages in weekly mentoring programs to develop both soft and hard skills, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

As the industry evolves, Jesse remains at the forefront of trends, anticipating the rise of 100% authentic content, instant human communication, and a seamless convergence of e-commerce and retail experiences in 2024. He fosters innovation within Ooze Studios through a three-stage approach: knowledge acquisition, application, and merging, ensuring the team actively applies their acquired knowledge to create groundbreaking solutions.

“Jesse Ocean, CEO of Ooze Studios, blends a decade of finance and marketing expertise with a vision for leaner, revenue-focused marketing strategies.”

Jesse’s leadership philosophy is rooted in co-leadership, a key differentiator that empowers every team member to make decisions autonomously. This approach, coupled with a commitment to shared responsibility, has proven to be a winning formula for Ooze Studios. Balancing profit with social and environmental responsibility, Ooze Studios is selective in choosing clients with positive ESG impact. The fully remote work structure not only enhances team flexibility but also contributes to reducing transport emissions, aligning with the company’s commitment to responsible business practices.

As a CEO, Jesse has faced challenges, especially during significant staff expansions. Navigating the changing needs of the business from 5 to 14 team members requires rewriting the business structure, a task Jesse approaches with resilience and strategic planning. Looking ahead, Jesse envisions Ooze Studios becoming the best agency in the world, growing to a team of 100 while prioritizing the health and well-being of his team. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs echoes his own journey—never give up, and recognize the fundamental importance of people in the success of any venture.

“Jesse’s co-leadership philosophy empowers Ooze Studios, where every team member actively contributes, fostering a winning formula for success.”

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance, Jesse relies on extreme focus, disciplined calendar blocking, and a philosophy he calls the “24-hour self.” This principle encourages investment in personal well-being today for a better tomorrow, emphasizing small, consistent efforts over time. In Jesse’s story, technology emerges as the lifeblood of businesses, driving growth and sustainability. Ooze Studios continues to iterate and optimize, staying ahead of the curve to ensure their lasting impact in the industry. In his own words “optimise or die”.

Jesse’s proudest achievement is not in awards or financial success but in witnessing each team member at Ooze Studios flourish in their careers. Their collective growth motivates Jesse to come to work every day, knowing that success, for him and his company, is defined by the happiness of the “24-hour self” and the delivery of the best agency experience for their team, clients, and partners. And so, Jesse Ocean’s odyssey continues, leading Ooze Studios to new creative heights.

“As the industry evolves, Jesse anticipates trends like 100% authentic content, instant communication, and the seamless convergence of e-commerce and retail in 2024.”