What we do?

Custom Publishing

Combine your brand and message with our expertise to create a publication that tells your unique story through a creative medium.

Content Creation & Marketing

Our editorial team will work with you to develop a unique content strategy that extends your brand to new markets and new customers.


SEO is essential for any content and publishing strategy, especially if you’re trying to maximize your reach. CIO Global is bound to maximize your reach through sustainable SEO strategies.


We at CIO Global create and publish customized content to a larger section of the audience through our social media platforms. Various new strategies and social media trends are analyzed and implemented to promote your services/products/solutions to a larger section of the audience.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the practice of planning, creating, editing, publishing and promoting video content in an effort to promote a brand, business or product. We work with you to create videos, promote them and channel them all in front of your fans!

Design & Branding

We aim to create & deliver a peerless design layout. We’ll make it a reality with our art and marketing teams.


Welcome to CIO Global, a leading magazine and media company dedicated to providing insightful and authoritative content on the latest trends and technologies in the world of information technology.