Demee Koch: Pioneering Conscious Beauty and Sustainable Transformation with DE MOI

As the CEO of DE MOI, Demee Koch finds herself at the confluence of passion, purpose, and entrepreneurship. Her journey into the realm of conscious beauty was ignited by personal experiences, each serving as a catalyst for a venture dedicated to redefining beauty standards. In this dynamic role, Demee is resolute in her determination to provide products aligned with core values and ethical principles, turning DE MOI into a mission rather than just a business. We at CIO Global, are proud to have Demee Koch as one of the Promising Women in Fashion, 2023.

The Driving Force behind DE MOI

The beauty industry, with its ever-evolving trends and consumer demands, offers a unique platform to effect positive change in people’s lives. Demee’s conviction is that beauty is a deeply personal and empowering experience, and within this space, she is committed to making a difference. As a migrant entrepreneur, Demee brings a unique perspective, infusing the industry with a rich tapestry of experiences and an unwavering commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and empathy. As a CEO in the beauty industry, Demee is not just meeting market demands but leading by example. She demonstrates that profitability and purpose can coexist harmoniously, inspiring others in the industry to embrace conscious beauty as a driving force for positive change.

At the heart of DE MOI lies the vision of empowering individuals through the transformative power of beauty. The brand challenges conventional beauty ideals and practices, introducing a new beauty paradigm that prioritizes ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility. DE MOI is not just a brand; it’s a movement that champions inclusivity, ethics, and empathy.

The DE MOI Product Line

DE MOI Bio Serum: Eyelashes + Eyebrows – A groundbreaking serum formulated and manufactured in Switzerland. It fosters natural regeneration, protection, and repair for longer, thicker, and stronger eyelashes and eyebrows.

DE MOI SKIN PERFECT ELIXIR: An all-natural Face Serum formulated with Swiss Alpha Arbutin, Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants, and skin lightening botanicals.

DE MOI SKIN PERFECT BEAUTY BAR: A handcrafted soap with Swiss-formulated Alpha Arbutin, offering skin-nourishing oils and antioxidant botanicals.

DE MOI ULTIMATE INTIMATE WASH BAR: An all-natural Feminine Wash in solid soap form, providing special care and superior protection for sensitive skin areas.

Born from a game-changing idea in 2018, DE MOI is a compassionate brand committed to integrity, equity, and environmental sustainability. It challenges industry norms, championing inclusivity, ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility. DE MOI is not just a brand; it’s a movement led by Demee Koch’s commitment to inspiring individuals through beauty, breaking down barriers, and fostering inclusivity and empathy. DE MOI stands out in the beauty industry through a blend of values, innovation, and social impact. Its commitment to ethical consciousness and sustainability, global presence, founder’s personal journey and advocacy, innovation, and community engagement set DE MOI apart as more than a cosmetic brand. It’s a platform for positive change, redefining beauty with purpose.

“As the CEO of DE MOI, I envision a future where beauty isn’t just skin deep but resonates with ethical depth. Together, let’s redefine beauty, making every purchase a conscious act, and every ritual a celebration of personal well-being and global harmony.”

– Demee Koch

Demee Koch’s “Big Why”

As the driving force behind DE MOI, Demee Koch’s “Big Why” is rooted in a vision to transform the beauty industry into a force for positive change. With over two decades of tireless work, she has laid the groundwork for a cosmeceutical brand that transcends traditional skincare—it’s a movement centered on integrity, equity, and environmental sustainability. As a migrant entrepreneur, Demee’s journey has been fueled by personal experiences, aiming to fill market gaps with products that align with core values and ethical principles. DE MOI is more than cosmetics; it’s a commitment to conscientious and cruelty-free beauty alternatives that contribute positively to society and the environment. Leading by example, Demee infuses integrity into every aspect of the brand’s presence.

DE MOI Bio Serum for Eyelashes + Eyebrows: Thinning or sparse eyelashes and eyebrows are common concerns. DE MOI Bio Serum addresses this with a groundbreaking solution for naturally longer, thicker, and stronger lashes and brows—a unique, effective, and scientifically backed serum.

DE MOI SKIN PERFECT ELIXIR: Targets skin lightening and anti-aging, offering a natural and effective solution for enhancing skin complexion and combating signs of aging.

DE MOI SKIN PERFECT BEAUTY BAR: Formulated with skin-nourishing oils and Swiss Alpha Arbutin, it provides a gentle yet effective cleansing solution that promotes skin nourishment, antioxidant protection, and a brighter complexion.

DE MOI ULTIMATE INTIMATE WASH BAR: Solves the inconvenience of liquid feminine washes with an all-natural, skin-lightening Feminine Wash in solid soap form. Specifically designed for sensitive areas, it offers gentle cleansing, deodorizing, lightening, cooling, and protection without the drawbacks of liquid washes.

The target customer for DE MOI is someone who values not only the efficacy of the products they use but also the ethical and environmental footprint of those products. Crafted with a vision to cater to a diverse range of individuals, DE MOI customers align with the brand’s values—a commitment to ethical beauty, passion for quality and innovation, and a desire to make choices that positively impact both themselves and the world around them.

What Sets DE MOI Apart from Competitors

While DE MOI doesn’t explicitly name competitors, its holistic approach to beauty, ethics, sustainability, and positive societal impact distinguishes it. The use of exclusive, clinically proven active ingredients like OM24 and Swiss Alpha Arbutin reflects a commitment to scientific innovation. Global expansion into prestigious retailers in diverse countries showcases adaptability, setting DE MOI apart. The brand advocates for a conscious beauty sector, challenging norms and promoting a comprehensive approach.

Demee’s View of DE MOI

DE MOI is a visionary force shaping the future of the beauty industry through sustainable innovation. With a focus on sustainable products, the brand rapidly expanded into international markets, positioning itself as a trailblazer. The ethos of “innovability” defines DE MOI’s approach, acknowledging that true sustainability requires continuous innovation. Sustainability is not just a moral or ethical consideration but a fundamental aspect of the entire business model. DE MOI challenges perceptions of self-care, emphasizing a holistic approach that considers environmental impact. It goes beyond greenwashing, making a genuine effort to redefine the beauty industry with informed choices and a reduction in the beauty footprint. DE MOI’s commitment is not just a marketing strategy; it’s a genuine effort to make a positive impact on the environment and society, contributing to the development of sustainable beauty.

“In every product we create, DE MOI is not just redefining beauty; it’s pioneering a movement where every choice becomes a catalyst for positive change—a journey from vanity to virtue.”

– Demee Koch

Journey with DE MOI, where conscious beauty meets sustainable living. Discover innovative and sustainable beauty solutions designed to enhance your natural beauty while minimizing your environmental impact. Embrace a holistic approach to self-care and explore our blog and social channels for insights into conscious beauty practices. Make informed choices as a conscious consumer and join our community to share your beauty journey. Stay engaged with our latest innovations and sustainability efforts, and together, let’s redefine beauty as a positive force for change. Beauty with purpose awaits – choose DE MOI today.

Since its inception in 2018, DE MOI, under the leadership of Demee Koch, has successfully positioned itself as a brand rooted in honesty, justice, and a commitment to positive change. Offering cruelty-free, socially relevant, and environmentally responsible products, DE MOI has created a niche in the beauty industry. Demee’s dedication to spreading awareness about mindful spending has encouraged consumers to choose products that enhance personal well-being while contributing to societal benefit and environmental welfare. As a Swiss company with over two decades of collective industry expertise, DE MOI prioritizes natural ingredients, recyclable or sustainable packaging, and ethical practices throughout the manufacturing chain. The brand’s philosophy of constant renewal and evolution ensures it stays relevant in the dynamic beauty landscape. DE MOI thrives in harmony with the environment, fostering positive relationships with stakeholders.

Clients working with DE MOI experience a shift in self-care from vanity to a holistic approach, contributing positively to personal well-being and the planet. DE MOI transforms beauty rituals into acts of positive change, empowering clients to make informed choices. Clients become part of a movement that values beauty with purpose, fostering a sense of well-being for themselves and a positive impact on the world.

Social Media Strategy for DE MOI

DE MOI’s social media strategy is intricately designed to align with the rising trend of green beauty and environmental consciousness. Key elements of the strategy include:

  • Highlighting DE MOI’s commitment to environmentally conscious practices.
  • Emphasizing objective certifications for the environmental performance of products.
  • Educating the audience on the impact of cosmetic products on the environment.
  • Communicating how DE MOI mitigates its environmental impact.
  • Positioning DE MOI as a leader in the green beauty movement.
  • Encouraging discussions on environmental responsibility and innovation.
  • Staying ahead of industry trends through insights, conferences, and continuous learning.
  • Showcasing adaptability and openness to new ideas.
  • Incorporating visually appealing and informative content resonating with the audience’s social sensitivity to climate change and environmental impact.
  • DE MOI’s social media strategy aims not only to engage but also to educate and inspire its audience towards conscious consumerism and environmental responsibility.

“DE MOI is more than a brand; it’s a commitment to conscious beauty, a promise to empower individuals to do beautiful things not only for themselves but for the world. Beauty is our language, but impact is our legacy.” – Demee Koch