What is HR tech?

HR tech, (Human Resources technology), is a broad term that refers to the software and hardware technology used to automate a variety of essential HR functions. Assuming the role of HR’s copilot, HR tech uses digitization and automation to efficiently accomplish the ordinarily time-consuming tasks of:

  • Filing 
  • Phone services 
  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent management
  • Compensation management 
  • Benefits administration
  • Performance management
  • Data storage, organization, and analysis

Why should HR leaders care about HR tech?

HR tech services have successfully transformed the paper-cluttered, noise-ridden, HR departments of the past, into minimalistic, quieter work environments. Technological innovations have liberated HR professionals from their organizational and administrative burdens, so they can focus on recruiting quality employees, engaging and retaining them, and boosting their productivity.

What can HR leaders do to effectively use HR tech?

With new technological developments constantly disrupting the workplace ecosystem, HR leaders must be ready to gracefully adapt to these new changes. Embracing new HR tech with poise demands preparation. In a sink or swim work world, the following pointers can help HR leaders professionals maximize the tech functions they use daily:

  • Deepen and Refresh knowledge. HR leaders should acquire a thorough understanding of the HR tech they use, to reap as many benefits from it as possible. Maintaining a high competency level also ensures that HR leaders serve as examples to employees and managers, as they familiarize themselves with the relevant technology. 
  • Update tech-related policies. New HR tech innovations change the way employees work, so it’s necessary that HR leaders routinely amend policies to keep them fair, consistent, and unbiased.
  • Collaborate with IT. While IT manages the behind-the-scenes hardware and software related to recruiting, training, and collaborating, HR is on center-stage supporting the people using this technology.  HR and IT professionals can combine their knowledge and skills to smoothly bypass difficulties that arise, and improve the employee experience.to smoothly bypass difficulties that arise, and improve the employee experience.   
  • Nurture the work community. With frequent waves of technology rolling in, organizations need to be able to adapt. Organizations can achieve greater agility when their culture is based on trust, collaboration, and respect. These values set the foundation for smart, informed decisions, and swift mobilization.

How can HR tech improve company culture?

The current work culture depends on HR tech for its survival. Though HR tech comes with its set of challenges, it provides a framework for employees to maintain a sense of community and enables managers to direct onsite and remote teams. It has also removed the administrative burden from HR leaders, so they can direct their attention towards improving the employee experience, increasing engagement, and nurturing healthy company culture.