Transforming Lives Through Fitness: Krissy Vann’s Inspirational Journey

Krissy Vann’s life has been a testament to the transformative power of fitness and wellness. From her early days as a self-proclaimed bench warmer to her current role as a champion for exercise as medicine, Krissy’s story is one of determination, purpose, and a deep desire to shift the narrative surrounding fitness. We at CIO Global, are proud to have Krissy Vann as one of the Influential Women in Fitness, 2023.

In her youth, Krissy collected participation ribbons with enthusiasm, but her prowess on the athletic field left much to be desired. She discovered her love for strength training during her high school days as a competitive cheerleader. It wasn’t just about physical strength; it was her mental sanctuary. In her thirties, she ventured into the competitive world as a bikini competitor, proving that she was no longer a bench warmer but a title-taker. However, it was the fitness community that truly captured her heart.

Krissy’s journey was deeply influenced by her father, a type one diabetic who faced numerous health challenges throughout his life. His struggles gave her a unique perspective and a deep appreciation for what a healthy body is capable of achieving. Krissy’s career in television as a weather anchor and morning show host allowed her to reach a broad audience, but it also meant promoting unhealthy habits at times. The pandemic prompted a pivotal shift in her life. She decided to leave her decade-long career to become the ‘Director of Content’ at “All Things Fitness and Wellness” with her business partners. Their mission is to amplify the voices of fitness and wellness industry leaders and bridge the messaging gap that emphasizes the role of exercise as medicine in preventative health care.

“Motivation comes after action. The key is to simply start. The momentum to continue will build in after that.” – Krissy Vann

One of the key messages Krissy is passionate about is dispelling the misconception that fitness is primarily a vanity industry. It’s about more than chiseled abs and rapid weight loss. The world is facing a physical inactivity crisis, and it’s crucial to educate people about the role of exercise in preventing chronic diseases, improving mental health, and enhancing social well-being. In the era of social media, Krissy acknowledges the positive side of it as a source of motivation and inspiration. However, she also points out the prevalence of manipulated images and the need for people to educate themselves about the realities behind the images they see.

Krissy’s philosophy on motivation is a refreshing take. She emphasizes that motivation comes after taking action. The key is to start and build momentum from there. Whether you’re just beginning or progressing, the focus should be on keeping it simple and celebrating small steps in building healthy habits.

Krissy highlights the importance of understanding your “why” when it comes to exercise. It’s not just about physical outcomes; it’s about your intention and how you feel. Krissy’s own mother’s story serves as a shining example. After her husband’s death, she fell into a deep depression, leading to a sedentary lifestyle and loneliness. However, she recently stepped out of her comfort zone and learned to play pickleball, becoming physically fit and surrounded by a new community of friends.

Gymtimidation and stepping out of one’s comfort zone can be a significant challenge for many. Krissy’s advice is to reconnect with what you enjoyed as a child, be it dancing, running, or any other activity. Fitness should be about play. Krissy firmly believes that nutrition is a cornerstone of optimal physical health and mental clarity. A nutritious, balanced diet is essential for a well-running body.

In a world where much of her life is digitally focused, Krissy advocates unplugging when it comes to fitness. However, she acknowledges the value of various products and apps that can provide insights for overall health.

“Fitness should be about play. Connect with a modality that models what you enjoyed doing as a kid.” – Krissy Vann

Krissy is passionate about changing the narrative surrounding fitness and avoiding language that perpetuates diet culture. She wants to set a positive example for future generations and appreciates the female role models within the industry. For Krissy, resistance and strength training are essential, even on the go. She always packs resistance bands for her travels.

Time management is a critical aspect of Krissy’s life, just like in her fitness routine. She uses timers to ensure she manages her time efficiently, emphasizing the importance of building sustainable, healthy work habits. Looking ahead, Krissy hopes to witness the expansion of fitness as preventative health care. Regular physical activity, she believes, is key to preventing chronic diseases, combating obesity, and improving mental health. The narrative is shifting, and Krissy is excited to amplify the voices driving this change.

In Krissy’s eyes, exercise has the potential to extend one’s lifespan and create a life marked by better physical, social, and mental health. Her journey from bench warmer to fitness advocate is a testament to the transformation that’s possible through a commitment to exercise and wellness.

“Exercise has the potential to extend your life span and create a life for you with better physical, social, and mental health.” – Krissy Vann