Top 5 platform that are working towards Innovative Technology for HRtech

The pandemic had a significant influence on both HR and the worldwide labour market. Many businesses had trouble starting up as offices moved to remote spaces. Even when employees started coming back to the office, they had a new lookout for the workplace. With the challenges like hybrid work culture, consumerization of the workplace, white collar lethargy and moonlighting, the HR Industry is in demand of innovative technologies that can be relevant to the post-pandemic workspaces. Numerous tech businesses have expanded as a result of the acceleration of digital transformation, AI use, and automation.

Here are 5 platforms that are working towards Innovative technologies that can counter modern HR- crisis

TeamLease HRtech

In an effort to close the gap in the HR sector, TeamLease HRtech is substituting highly automated and digitised goods and processes for manual, less accurate, and time-consuming HR management operations. These will improve productivity, increase throughput, and boost digital engagement while facilitating a smooth employee experience. 

The company provides entire tech solution suites for payroll management, workforce administration, talent acquisition, benefits, and compliance, with its core platform built on Node.js that uses advanced technologies like Microservices on AWS and Kubernetes. Additionally, it provides an HCM platform that is cloud-based and uses AI and ML to improve employee experience and increase productivity by up to 50%. More than 2 million distinct employees already utilise its HCM platform, which processes more than 100 million transactions each month. They are using a blockchain-based advanced analytics engine offering custom analytics and reporting capabilities that can be used in a DIY fashion so that HR managers aren’t confined to a limited number of HR analytics and reporting tools. They are also exploring ways to use VR to create a virtual environment enabled by augmented reality so that the employees can feel that they are working efficiently in an environment that is similar to their actual office environment.


ZingHR provides industry-specific solutions for significant and noticeable results using cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain Data Management Systems, Face-ID, Zero-touch Payroll, Digital Onboarding, chatbots, and Robotic Interviews. Their platform provides a full range of services from “Hire to Rehire,” each one specially designed for a certain kind of business. Better problem-solving and revenue-boosting outcomes are produced by ZingHR’s procedures and qualities taken together.

Their multilingual, mobile-first cloud-based HRMS platform is accessible from anywhere in the world.

Their solutions, which cover talent management, talent acquisition, employee engagement, productivity, and workforce management, are created to promote a digital human capital transformation of enterprises that goes beyond basic automation.  

Darwin Box

Darwinbox is a complete and integrated human resource (HR) software that serves as a one-stop shop for all the technological components of the HR division. In addition to performance management and exit planning, Darwinbox manages all HR-related demands throughout the employee life cycle, including payroll, leave, transfer, and departure management. The designers of Darwinbox believe that superior products and market fit are the secrets to long-term success. In order to create the most sophisticated enterprise HR technology solution, Darwinbox plans to concentrate on research and investment in deep-tech solutions.  

Excelity Global

Excelity Global is a leading provider of payroll administration, benefits administration, and human resource management in the Asia Pacific region, with more than 400 clients distributed over 17 countries. Through operations in China, the Philippines, Singapore, India, and Singapore, it services these clients. In order to solve organisations’ worries about human capital, Excelity collaborates with them to develop accurate, specialised outsourced solutions. Excelity constantly challenges the status quo and works behind the scenes to improve the HR divisions of companies all over the world.

Ethos HR

With almost two decades of experience, Ethos HR Management has established itself as a market leader in talent management and has provided trustworthy, superior services to companies of all sizes and across a variety of industries, from start-ups to multinational conglomerates.

Together with businesses and a wide range of other organisations, Ethos studies their needs before providing specialised services in hiring, outsourcing, training, and consulting for both on-shore and off-shore requirements. Lean, scalable, and highly configurable RPO engagement models are what they offer to their clients.

They offer value-added services in addition to recruitment, talent deployment & outsourcing, management consulting, and recruitment process outsourcing.