Spaulding Decon – The Lord Of Cleanliness

Who doesn’t like cleanliness?  A spick and span home doesn’t attract whom?  Cleanliness is next to Godliness, once quoted by Mahatma Gandhi. Here is someone who puts the quote to practice with her cleaning services. Home cleaning services were heard of but have you heard of a crime cleaning service? Well here, let us introduce you to Spaulding Decon.

The Heaven Of Cleanliness:

Spaulding Decon was started in 2005 by Laura Spaulding. What began in 2005 as a side job graduated to franchising in 2016.

Laura Spaulding describes her company:

We are a full-service remediation company with a large social media following due to our work cleaning crime scenes and hoarder homes. **What about: (While we grew up as a crime scene cleaning company, we’ve matured into a full-service restoration business specializing in everything from Hoarding to Bio, to Mold remediation.)

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, we approach every job from a
non-judgemental, empathetic place and go above and beyond so that our customers can
get back to their lives without having to worry about cleaning up a disaster.– Laura Spaulding

How Clean Are We?

When we asked Laura what’s the USP of her business and she replied,

Perhaps they are the same. A forensic level of detail is in the DNA of everything we do corporately. All our services, from hoarding clean-ups, to the bio, and even mold remediation get the same level of scrutiny as our crime scene cleaning business.

The Ceo Sparkles:

As a CEO, what Laura values the most about her company is the fact that they conduct their business first and foremost with authenticity and empathy.  They do not hire anyone who is not empathetic.

In this line of business, they strive to be a beacon of hope for their customers and want to alleviate their stress by taking the clean-up task from their plate. Once people understand that no matter how bad it is, we’ve seen it before, a sense of calm often sets in. It’s that piece of mental peace that we want to deliver above all else, shares Laura.

In addition to crime scene cleaner, Laura Spaulding is adding Author to her resume as she is currently writing a memoir detailing her journey from food stamps to INC. 5000.

Essentially, we are the last responders who show up for people during their most vulnerable moments.  Whether it is after a traumatic incident or the anxiety of discovering sizeable water or mould  damage on the eve of your home sale, we want people to consider us as someone who understands the person first, and the services second.

Laura Spaulding on the purpose of her service

How The Cleanliness Journey Began:

Laura was working in law enforcement, doing undercover work and working in the homicide unit, when at the scene of a homicide a family member of the deceased asked her   “who is going to clean this up”?  She had been working in law enforcement for 8 years and had never been asked this question before this incident.  This incident was embarrassing and an eye-opener for her that she did not have an answer for the grieving woman. That is when Laura vowed to research and find answers for her.  This set off a series of events that led her to begin cleaning crime scenes on her own as a side job.

She particularly & specifically chose this industry as she saw a need for this work and instantly felt connected to the idea that she could help someone during their darkest moments.

No one should have to clean up their loved one’s remains, and cleaning up any person’s
remains should not be a commoditized “corporate” business. Laura Spaulding

The Cleaning Business:

Spaulding Decon’s clients are typically homeowners, property managers, and anyone who is experiencing a home disaster that requires cleaning such as mold/water damage, rodent droppings, tear gas clean-up, hoarding, drug lab or biohazard cleaning.

Empathy, authenticity, follow-through and dedication are a few of the things Spaulding Decon seeks when they are selecting a franchisee since the work is people-oriented.

In return, the franchisees are expected to give back honesty, and hard work and put the customers’ needs before anything else.  They are expected to do a thorough job and to provide the absolute best customer service possible.

Spaulding Decon provides its franchisees On job training, video calls from the job site if needed, business coaching, financial education, a full suite of digital marketing support, weekly support calls (as needed), franchise access to other corporate partners (such as mental health services for staff and clients).

 We certainly hope to grow our brand to an international level.

– Laura Spaulding on her plans