Navigating the PR Landscape: A Conversation with Clāra Ly-Le

In the dynamic realm of Public Relations, Clāra Ly-Le stands as a prominent figure, making waves with her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to showcasing the expertise of Vietnamese PR professionals on the global stage. As the founder and managing director of EloQ Communications, a boutique PR and marketing agency in Vietnam, Clāra’s journey is a captivating narrative of passion, transformation, and impactful campaigns.

Clāra’s journey commenced with a quest for enlightenment that led her to the Western world, where she pursued formal education and honed her skills. Armed with a PhD in Communication, her academic achievement synergizes with her entrepreneurial role, enhancing both her agency’s prowess and academic pursuits. EloQ Communications, beyond being an agency, embodies her profound commitment to elevating Vietnam’s presence in the global PR and marketing arena. Clāra’s trajectory into PR was unforeseen, initially pursuing Chemistry with aspirations of becoming a pharmacist. However, a gradual realization of her passion for communication led her to explore the world of PR. Engaging in internships and professional experiences, she found her niche, dedicating the past decade to evolving and learning within the industry.

A senior journalist serves as Clāra’s constant support and role model, imparting invaluable lessons on tact, networking, and continuous learning. His resilience in overcoming career challenges has inspired Clāra, shaping her approach to obstacles with determination and perseverance.

“I’ve learned the power of authenticity. Genuine, transparent communication builds trust and lasting relationships. PR is about building authentic connections and transparent communication, not spin or manipulation.” – Clāra Ly-Le

Evolution of PR Landscape:

Clāra reflects on the transformative changes in the PR landscape. Technology, transparency, authenticity, and the globalization of markets are identified as key drivers. Digital platforms and social media redefine communication, emphasizing the importance of authentic storytelling, agility, and cultural understanding in today’s PR strategies. As a woman leader, Clāra navigates challenges by striking a balance between empathy and authoritative decision-making. Fostering a collaborative environment while retaining the necessary authority ensures effective leadership and a supportive work atmosphere. A standout project with AstraZeneca during the Covid-19 pandemic exemplifies EloQ Communications’ commitment to impactful initiatives. The campaign focused on raising awareness about vaccination, advocating for the inclusion of the immunocompromised community, and garnered recognition with prestigious awards.

Active engagement and continuous learning are Clāra’s methods for staying abreast of industry trends. EloQ Communications’ affiliation with PRCA, the world’s largest PR association, provides opportunities to learn from industry peers, network with leaders, and implement innovative strategies in their PR endeavors.

Advice for Aspiring Women Professionals

To aspiring women professionals in PR, Clāra Ly-Le offers a powerful message. Despite the global trend where women fill 80% of the workforce but only 20% of managerial roles, Clāra encourages women not to fear leadership positions. She advocates embracing the opportunity to fulfill dreams, speaking up, taking action, and believing in one’s capabilities. As a testament to the success many talented women leaders are achieving, she firmly believes that others can follow suit.

Clāra emphasizes the crucial role diversity and inclusion play in the success of PR campaigns and strategies. Understanding and respecting diverse cultures fuel creativity, connect with a broader client base, and ensure campaigns are inclusive and culturally sensitive. At EloQ Communications, a commitment to diversity permeates policies, recruitment, and a staunch stance against discrimination, fostering an environment where anyone can thrive with the right attitude and determination to learn. In the heart of the PR industry, relationships are paramount. Clāra outlines a collaborative approach at EloQ Communications, aligning their strategic vision with clients and partners for effective service tailoring. Honesty and authenticity underpin their relationships, leading to enduring partnerships with clients such as Viber, Hong Kong Tourism Board, and AstraZeneca. Trust and reliability remain the foundation of their client engagements.

“Understanding and respecting all cultures and backgrounds are vital for successful global and local campaigns. Diversity fuels creativity and helps us connect with a wider client base, ensuring campaigns are inclusive and culturally sensitive.” – Clāra Ly-Le

With the rise of social media, Clāra notes the transformation in how they engage with audiences. Social listening on these platforms provides valuable insights, and the integration of AI into practices aids in content creation, sentiment analysis, and handling large data sets. However, she emphasizes the importance of human expertise and creativity in crafting effective PR strategies.

Clāra shares key lessons from her career, emphasizing the power of authenticity, transparent communication, active listening to understand clients’ needs, and the vital role of resilience in overcoming challenges and growing professionally. Fostering a positive and inclusive work culture is a priority at EloQ Communications. Clāra highlights their commitment to inclusivity through celebrating diversity, ensuring open communication channels, and offering equal opportunities for growth. This commitment is reflected in their policies and actions, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere.

Common Misconceptions About PR:

Addressing common misconceptions about PR, Clāra dispels the notion that PR is merely a part of advertising, marketing, or manipulation. Instead, she emphasizes its core function of building authentic relationships and transparent communication. Prioritizing honesty, transparency, and genuine connections in her work, she aims to foster trust and credibility.

In navigating the demands of a fast-paced PR career, Clāra emphasizes the importance of delegation, personal time for self-care, and goal setting. Empowering her team through delegation enhances efficiency, dedicated personal time recharges her energy, and goal setting provides a roadmap to success, ensuring a balance between professional and personal well-being.

Future Trends in PR:

Looking ahead, Clāra anticipates that authenticity and transparency will continue to drive the future of PR. Genuine connections and honest communication from brands will remain crucial. Additionally, AI-inspired and data-driven PR is on the rise. Professionals can prepare for these changes by enhancing digital skills, embracing data analytics, and integrating AI tools to stay ahead in the evolving PR landscape.

Clāra Ly-Le’s journey in PR is a testament to passion, resilience, and a commitment to making a positive impact. As she continues to lead EloQ Communications, her influence reverberates not only in the success of her agency but in the broader narrative of Vietnam’s representation in global PR and marketing.

“Embrace the chance to fulfill your dreams; you have the power to make them a reality. Speak up, take action, and believe in your capabilities. If I can do it, like many other talented women leaders, so can you!” – Clāra Ly-Le