Navigating the PR Landscape: A Conversation with Amy Kenigsberg

Amy Kenigsberg, co-founder & COO of K2 Global Communications, a powerhouse in the realms of PR, marketing, and internal communications. Amy shared insights into her career journey, the evolving landscape of PR, and valuable lessons learned along the way.

“PR is not just about sending press releases; it’s about telling stories that matter. Success in PR is not measured by the noise but by the impact of those stories.” – Amy Kenigsberg

Amy’s journey in PR began with a journalism degree and an MBA. Her career kickstarted in trade journalism before she transitioned into marketing and internal communications. The missing piece, public relations, was filled serendipitously when she discovered her knack for it during a temporary position at a PR agency in Israel. In the early days, she didn’t have role models, but she has since developed immense respect for Gini Dietrich, who continually reshapes PR challenges. For Amy, filling a career gap transformed into a two-decade-long passion for PR.

The PR industry has undergone significant changes. Publications have fewer and fewer staff members, and contributed content has become a major part of magazine content. AI is transforming the industry, and once it matches human quality, PR practices will have to further evolve.

“In the ever-evolving landscape of PR, flexibility is not an option—it’s a necessity. Embrace change, stay informed, and be ready for the transformative journey that lies ahead.” – Amy Kenigsberg

Amy emphasizes the importance of openness to new technologies and adapting to change. The PESO model by Gini Dietrich, covering paid, earned, shared, and owned coverage, has become integral. Being persistent and making it easy for the media to work with you amplifies your voice in a competitive industry. A standout success story involves setting up an entire marketing infrastructure for a client, ultimately leading to their acquisition by a major corporation. Success, in her view, is validated when clients exit successfully.

Staying Updated and Advice for Aspiring Women Professionals:

She stays informed through global PR communities and advises aspiring women professionals to learn continuously, stay flexible, and embrace career transformations driven by technological advancements.

“Building relationships in PR is an art of honesty, professionalism, and creativity. The more you make it easy for the media to work with you, the louder your voice becomes in this competitive industry.” – Amy Kenigsberg

Diversity and inclusion are crucial, bringing varied perspectives to the forefront. Regardless of background, PR professionals should focus on the question, “What’s in it for me?” for journalists, clients, and potential clients.

Honesty, professionalism, and creativity are the pillars of building and maintaining relationships in PR. Having clear values and sticking to them reinforces trust with clients and the media. Social media is integral to PR, but PR professionals need proficiency in all communication aspects. Targeted ideal customers have preferred channels, and a comprehensive approach, including social media, is essential. Simple yet profound lessons include owning up to mistakes, never lying, and understanding the journalist’s need to justify a story to their editors.

Amy fosters a positive and inclusive work culture by expecting professionalism, encouraging open communication, and understanding the challenges of working parents. She dispels the misconception that PR is solely about sending press releases. Educating clients on what constitutes newsworthy content is a significant part of her work. Recognizing the demands of a fast-paced PR career, she has established a work-life balance by disconnecting on weekends, allowing for personal time and well-being.

“Diversity is not just a checkbox; it’s a key to unlocking varied perspectives that fuel innovation in PR. Regardless of background, focus on ‘What’s in it for me?’ to truly connect with your audience.” – Amy Kenigsberg

Amy foresees AI as a critical tool for PR professionals. Furthermore, media outlets will become ever more focused on specialized niches.