Karine Lohitnavy-Frick: Master Connector and PR Maven

Karine Lohitnavy-Frick, the driving force behind Midas PR agency. Born in Belgium and educated across Europe, Karine’s journey has been nothing short of a global adventure. Let’s dive into her fascinating background and career journey. Karine holds the unique title of Master Connector at Midas PR, a role that perfectly aligns with her exceptional ability to bring people together. Her journey began in Luxembourg, but a pivotal move to Bangkok in 2004 marked the turning point in her career. Armed with a double degree in Social Sciences and Political Sciences and fluency in eight languages, Karine’s diverse upbringing laid the foundation for her success. We at CIO Global, are proud to have Karine Lohitnavy-Frick as one of Influential Women in PR, 2023.

Getting Started in PR:

Upon landing in Thailand, Karine had an epiphany—Public Relations was her calling. Recognizing her innate skill for building bridges and fostering connections, she delved headfirst into the world of PR. After honing her PR finesse, she took the plunge and founded Midas PR in 2007. Unlike being driven by specific role models, Karine was drawn to PR by a sense of compatibility with her personality and strengths. PR felt like a realm where she could thrive and maintain unwavering passion, a feeling that proved to be spot on.

Evolution of PR:

Karine shares insights into the evolving landscape of PR. Traditional media institutions are on the decline, while independent creators and micro-media platforms gain traction. The focus has shifted from securing national TV spots to connecting with mega-influencers, marking a significant departure from previous norms.

“Continuous learning is key. People shape our successes and setbacks; they are at the core of everything.” – Karine Lohitnavy-Frick

Navigating Challenges in a Competitive Industry:

Being an influential woman in PR, Karine doesn’t see gender as a setback. PR, predominantly led by women, is a field where she believes women have excelled for decades. As an avid feminist, Karine actively supports women’s empowerment through initiatives like Lionesses of Siam and #WonderWomenWednesday at Midas PR.

Highlighting one campaign is like picking a favorite child for Karine, but “COLOURS BY EUROPE. TASTES OF EXCELLENCE” stands out. Crafted for the EU Research Executive Agency, the campaign aimed to elevate awareness of EU agricultural products within Thailand, earning recognition as the last campaign of the year.

Staying Updated in the PR Industry:

Karine relies on LinkedIn for staying abreast of industry trends, engaging in discussions, and contributing her insights. Her team at Midas PR produces a bi-weekly blog called Muse, delving into various industry developments and keeping readers informed about ongoing occurrences.

Advice for Aspiring Women Professionals in PR:

For aspiring women professionals, Karine emphasizes jumping in early, gaining valuable experience, and building a strong portfolio and network from the outset. Networking is key—making those connections early on sets the stage for success in the dynamic field of PR. Karine Lohitnavy-Frick brings a fresh perspective on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in PR campaigns. According to her, DEI messaging is experiencing “goodness fatigue,” emphasizing the need for authenticity over trends. Companies, she believes, must embody ethical and responsible values as a basic expectation, moving beyond the overused narrative of inclusivity. For Karine, building and maintaining strong relationships in PR revolves around authenticity and sincerity. She advocates for genuine connections, emphasizing the importance of consistent, sincere interactions beyond transactional moments. Trust and meaningful relationships, she believes, flourish when nurtured through a commitment to being there for others without a specific agenda.

“Trust grows through sincere interactions, not just in transactions. Being there without an agenda fosters real connections.”

– Karine Lohitnavy-Frick

Adapting to the Digital Age:

With the rise of social media, Karine underscores the need to utilize digital platforms effectively. Key strategies include collaborating with influencers, crafting engaging multimedia stories, real-time audience interaction, and informed decision-making through analytics. Remaining adaptable and authentic in the ever-evolving online landscape is crucial, according to Karine.

Valuable Lessons Learned:

Continuous learning stands out as the most crucial lesson in Karine’s PR journey. She emphasizes the centrality of people in every aspect of PR, shaping both successes and setbacks. Individuals and their actions, she believes, are at the core of PR achievements and challenges. As a leader, Karine actively promotes gender equality and LGBTQ-friendly policies at Midas PR. She believes in creating an inclusive environment, implementing policies to encourage women in management roles, and ensuring equal opportunities for non-binary individuals.

Addressing Misconceptions about PR:

Karine challenges common misconceptions about PR, debunking the idea of spin and manipulation by emphasizing transparency and authenticity. She stresses the ongoing significance of PR beyond crisis management and broadens the perception of PR to include community engagement and online presence.

Balancing the demands of a fast-paced PR career with personal life is a challenge, but for Karine, working alongside her husband makes it smoother. Effective time management, clear boundaries between work and personal time, and prioritizing self-care are crucial aspects of maintaining this delicate balance.

Future Trends in PR:

Looking ahead, Karine foresees several trends shaping the future of PR. The increasing prominence of AI demands enhanced digital skills, while the evolution of multimedia and the emergence of new platforms call for a versatile skill set. Staying technologically savvy and adaptable to emerging communication channels will be essential for PR professionals navigating the ever-evolving landscape.

Karine Lohitnavy-Frick emerges not only as a seasoned professional but as a trailblazer in the realm of Public Relations. Her insights not only provide practical guidance for navigating the complexities of the present PR landscape but also cast a visionary gaze into its future. Through her emphasis on authenticity, inclusivity, continuous learning, and adaptability, Karine not only captures the essence of effective PR strategies but sets a precedent for professionals aspiring to thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of Public Relations. Her journey and wisdom stand as a beacon for those charting their course in this exciting and multifaceted field.

“Diversity messaging faces ‘goodness fatigue’; once innovative, now common in marketing trends.” – Karine Lohitnavy-Frick