Jemma Green: Revolutionizing Energy Trading with Powerledger

Dr. Jemma Green, the Chairman & Co-founder of Powerledger, a trailblazing venture dedicated to transforming the energy landscape. Driven by a passion for sustainability and innovation, Jemma’s journey from the finance hubs of London to the sun-soaked shores of Perth epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit. We at CIO Global, are proud to introduce Jemma Green as one of the Promising Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2024.

With a decade of experience in top finance firms like JP Morgan under her belt, Jemma’s quest for a more sustainable future led her to pursue a PhD in Electricity Market Disruption. It was during this academic pursuit that she crossed paths with John, now Powerledger’s Technical Director & Co-founder. Their shared vision for empowering communities through efficient energy management sparked the inception of Powerledger.

Powerledger stands at the forefront of energy revolution, offering cutting-edge software solutions for granular energy tracking and emissions reduction. From facilitating peer-to-peer energy trading to empowering consumers with rooftop solar or batteries, Powerledger’s impact spans continents, from Europe to Asia, India, and the US. One of Powerledger’s landmark achievements was the pioneering pilot project in Uttar Pradesh, India, which laid the groundwork for regulatory changes in multiple states. In 2023, the company made waves by unveiling its purpose-built blockchain, designed specifically for sustainability applications, ushering in a new era of transparency and efficiency.

“Failure can be a moment to have a breakthrough, if you choose it.” – Jemma Green

But what inspired Jemma to embark on this journey? The need for robust energy tracking in the face of renewable energy proliferation, coupled with the emergence of new market models for energy trading, fueled her entrepreneurial drive. Blockchain emerged as the perfect solution, offering a decentralized framework to tackle challenges like double counting and inefficiencies in trading attribute certificates. Powerledger’s business concept is simple yet revolutionary. Their software platform encompasses Vision, enabling seamless tracking and tracing of renewable energy sources, TraceX for trading RECs and carbon credits, and P2P energy trading across grids and microgrids.

As a woman entrepreneur, Jemma has faced her share of challenges. With few female role models to emulate, she learned to tap into her unique energy and style, finding strength in authenticity. Navigating obstacles in the business world requires empathy, a trait often misconstrued as weakness. For Jemma, empathy is a powerful tool for understanding clients’ needs and driving meaningful progress.

Empowering Tomorrow: Jemma Green’s Vision for Powerledger

Innovative, transformative, and relentlessly driven by a commitment to sustainability, Dr. Jemma Green stands at the helm of Powerledger, revolutionizing the energy landscape one blockchain transaction at a time. With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for empowering communities, Jemma’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and purpose. Powerledger’s solutions harness the potential of blockchain technology in groundbreaking ways. Vision, the flagship software tracing feature, meticulously tracks every kilowatt-hour, offering unparalleled transparency and accountability in energy sourcing. Meanwhile, TraceX tackles the challenges of REC trading, combating greenwashing and ushering in a new era of integrity in the renewable energy market. The P2P energy trading platform empowers consumers to take control of their energy consumption, fostering a behavioral shift towards sustainability.

Short-term goals for Powerledger include solidifying its position as a leader in distributed energy markets and transactive energy. With a focus on developing repeatable revenue models and expanding into key markets, the company aims to make a significant impact in the renewable energy sector. Looking further ahead, Jemma envisions Powerledger as the undisputed global leader in decentralized energy markets, with a user base of over one billion. Jemma’s leadership style is characterized by open communication, accountability, and a commitment to fostering a culture of innovation. Empowering her team to actively participate in decision-making processes, she believes in the power of diverse perspectives and constant learning. Mentors like Dr. Bill Tai have played a pivotal role in shaping Jemma’s entrepreneurial journey, offering invaluable insights and guidance along the way.

“I believe in fostering a culture of curiosity, constant learning, and creativity.” – Jemma Green

At the heart of Powerledger’s mission lies a commitment to making a positive impact on both industry and community. By enabling citizens to engage in energy trading and supporting grid balance, Powerledger is driving meaningful change in regions like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Karnataka. Embracing adaptability in a rapidly changing business environment, Powerledger continues to evolve its technology, leveraging AI algorithms for energy forecasting and exploring cutting-edge blockchain solutions. Building and maintaining a strong team is central to Powerledger’s success. Through constant communication, fostering accountability, and promoting a culture of improvement, Jemma ensures that her team remains aligned with the company’s vision and values. Balancing the demands of entrepreneurship with personal well-being, Jemma emphasizes the importance of utilizing technology to streamline tasks and prioritize effectively.

Inspired by trailblazing women entrepreneurs like Rashmi Sinha, Jennifer Hyman, and Julia Hartz, Jemma encourages aspiring women entrepreneurs to embrace their purpose, pursue work-life integration, and embrace failure as an opportunity for growth. Looking ahead, she sees Powerledger’s technology evolving to have an even greater impact, while she herself hopes to serve as a role model for her children and future generations.

In the dynamic landscape of renewable energy, Jemma Green and Powerledger stand as beacons of innovation, integrity, and empowerment. With a bold vision for the future and a relentless drive for progress, they are paving the way towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

“Empathy plays a key role in our approach… It involves properly grasping what is going on beyond initial assessments.” – Jemma Green