Jacqueline Crapp: A Driving Force in Real Estate

Jacqueline Crapp, the Director and Licensed Real Estate Agent at Raine and Horne Berry. As part of the Raine and Horne franchise, which boasts over 145 years of operation as an Australian Super Brand, Raine and Horne Berry has been serving the Berry community since 2008. Jacqueline, alongside her business partners Jared and Emma Cochrane, took the helm of the Berry and Nowra offices seven years ago after starting her journey with the company in 2014.

“We at CIO Global, are proud to introduce Jacqueline Crapp as one of the Successful Women in Real Estate, 2024.”

At Raine and Horne Berry, their guiding principle is simple yet profound: “People before property.” This ethos underscores their commitment to community engagement and support. Jacqueline explains, “We are a family-owned business deeply ingrained in our communities. Through sponsorships and active participation in community projects, we prioritize giving back to those who support us.”

“Always do your best. That way you will have a life you love, not a job you hate.” – Jacqueline Crapp, embracing her father’s sage advice as she navigates the real estate industry with passion and integrity.

What sets Raine and Horne Berry apart is their dedication to holistic financial wellbeing. Jacqueline’s background in banking and financial services fuels her passion for helping individuals enhance their wealth through property. “We’re not just selling houses; we’re facilitating financial growth and stability for our clients,” she emphasizes. The agency’s significant market presence in the Berry area, coupled with innovative AI technology for targeted marketing, ensures that they stay ahead of the curve. Jacqueline’s journey into real estate stemmed from a desire for more meaningful interactions with clients. Leaving behind a lucrative banking career, she joined Raine and Horne Berry as a property manager. “I wanted to make a tangible difference in people’s lives,” she recalls. Over time, her role evolved, and she transitioned into sales, driven by the joy of helping clients find their dream homes. Upon Alex Cochrane’s retirement, Jacqueline seized the opportunity to become a co-owner of the offices.

Reflecting on her career, Jacqueline cherishes accolades such as being in the top 50 REB women for two consecutive years and winning the Rate My Agent Agent of the Year for Berry and Agency of the Year. For her, these achievements reaffirm the importance of hard work and client-centric service. “If you work hard and prioritize your clients’ needs, success will naturally follow,” she affirms.

In her ongoing commitment to community welfare, Jacqueline Crapp spearheads initiatives aimed at addressing pressing societal issues. This year, Raine and Horne Berry’s focus is on supporting vulnerable populations within their community. Jacqueline elaborates, “We’ve formed alliances with several community groups dedicated to assisting the homeless and victims of domestic violence, causes that are particularly close to our hearts.” Recognizing a broader responsibility, the agency partners with Zonta Berry to advocate for women’s rights globally. Through fundraising events and active involvement, they support initiatives such as birthing kits distribution and campaigns against domestic violence. Jacqueline’s involvement extends to supporting events like the International Women’s Day fundraiser, which raised significant funds for local causes.

“If you work hard and prioritize your clients’ needs, success will naturally follow.” – Jacqueline Crapp, highlighting the importance of dedication and client-centric service in achieving professional excellence.

When it comes to fostering gender equality within the industry, Jacqueline emphasizes the importance of diversity in recruitment and marketing. “It’s essential to showcase diversity in all aspects of business growth,” she asserts. Raine and Horne Berry’s marketing efforts reflect inclusivity, catering to diverse demographics and cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, the agency actively engages and supports female tradespeople and contributes to various charitable organizations advancing women’s rights. Reflecting on the challenges faced by female executives in real estate, Jacqueline acknowledges persistent biases and stereotypes. “There’s still a prevalent ‘boys’ club’ mentality, both within the industry and broader society,” she observes. Navigating business dealings, especially with cultures where gender equality is not the norm, presents additional hurdles.

Nevertheless, Jacqueline sees distinct advantages to being a woman in real estate. “Our emotional intelligence and empathy give us a unique edge,” she explains. Understanding the holistic impact of transactions enables deeper connections with clients. Jacqueline attributes her achievements to an unwavering work ethic and strategic planning. “Outrunning the competition” became her mantra, propelling Raine and Horne Berry from a modest market share to a leading position in the region. Drawing inspiration from industry stalwarts like Aaron Shiner, Matt Steinwede, and Carolyn Bolderstone, she emphasizes continuous learning as a cornerstone of success.

As for her guiding principle, Jacqueline embodies her father’s wisdom: “Always do your best.” With passion driving her professional endeavors, she strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of her clients and community. In Jacqueline Crapp, Raine and Horne Berry has a leader who embodies integrity, passion, and a steadfast commitment to community and client satisfaction.

“People before property.” – Jacqueline Crapp, exemplifying the ethos of community engagement and support at Raine and Horne Berry.