Freshslice Pizza: Invest in Fresh

Freshslice Pizza, a renowned name in the Canadian pizza industry is excited to share why Freshslice is not just a pizza chain but a revolutionary franchise opportunity. Freshslice Pizza offers a 100% opportunity for potential franchise partners to thrive in the profitable world of pizza franchising through their unique franchise model. We at CIO Global, are proud to have Freshslice Pizzaa’s one of the 2023’s Top 10 Finest Franchises to Own Today.

At Freshslice, they emphasize partnership, productivity, and efficiency on their journey to be the Starbucks of Pizza.

Freshslice Pizza stands out with its unique 3 in 1 system—selling pizza by the slice, whole pizzas with unlimited toppings at a single price, and offering delivery services. What makes them unique is their:

  • 0% royalty
  • 0% ad fees
  • 0% markup on ingredients

This makes it one of the most profitable franchises in the industry. With only $60,000 liquid cash required and 1000% productivity in dough manufacturing, they’ve removed financial barriers to entry. Beyond profits, they prioritize their customers’ well-being. They offer premium pizzas with flavorful ingredients and healthier options like multigrain crust, gluten-free cauliflower dough, and plant-based cheese.

Freshslice Pizza welcomes franchise partners from all backgrounds who share their focus on quality and service. Their strength lies in highly profitable restaurants and their unique 3 in 1 system, making them the most diverse and profitable pizza chain in the industry. Underlining their commitment to community, they founded Freshslice Cares, an organization dedicated helping kids be kids through sport.

Freshslice Pizza has revolutionized the franchise industry, that delivers a highly profitable 1-year return on investment. With a focus on removing financial barriers, Freshslice offers an attractive proposition at a low investment cost.

Franchise Owner Criteria and Support:

Freshslice Pizza seeks franchise partners who appreciate a strong ROI that can execute a proven, profitable business model, leveraging the Freshslice system for mutual growth. Besides initial training, their franchisees enjoy operational efficiency with over 20 exclusively invented and designed pieces of equipment to enhance productivity. By removing barriers to entry and offering unparalleled productivity, Freshslice Pizza stands out as one of the best franchises to own, a cut above the rest in the competitive landscape.

Freshslice Pizza isn’t just about pizza; it’s about a fresh approach to franchising that welcomes partners into a thriving, efficient, and profitable system. Join them in creating a slice of success in the pizza industry!

All About Franchising: Revolutionizing the Franchising Model

Freshslice Pizza stands out with its revolutionary franchising model, setting new standards for profitability and return on investment. Here’s why Freshslice Pizza is the right choice for you:

0% Royalties, 0% Ad Fees, and 0% Mark Up on Ingredients: Yes, you read it right! They believe in your success, and that’s why they don’t burden their franchise partners with royalties, advertising fees, or markups on ingredients. It’s a 100% opportunity for you to grow and succeed.

Higher Profit and ROI: Their unique 3-in-1 system and lower investment provide franchise partners with the potential for higher profits and a quick return on investment.

Quality Ingredients and Generational Tastes: Freshslice Pizza is known for its dedication to quality. They use locally sourced vegetables and offer diverse, healthy options like a gluten-free cauliflower crust. Their commitment to quality has made them the market leader in the pizza-by-the-slice category in Canada.

A Sustainable Business Model

Freshslice Pizza has over 100 locations in Canada, and now have ambitious plans to conquer the U.S. market. Freshslice Pizza has received prestigious awards, including the Consumer Choice Awards for Business Excellence and the Golden Plates Award from The Georgia Strait.

A new feature for Freshslice Pizza is the ability for customers to create their own customized pizzas with unlimited toppings at one fixed price.

Becoming a Franchise Partner

Are you ready to take the baton and run with it? To become a Freshslice Pizza franchise partner, you need:

Minimum Investment of $60,000

Alignment with Their Vision, Mission, Culture, and Values

Training and On-the-Job Evaluation

The Vision to Succeed

Support for Franchise Partners

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