Empowering Diversity: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Wendy Broersen

Wendy Broersen is a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly two decades of experience, leaving an indelible mark on the business landscape. Her journey has been nothing short of dynamic, marked by multiple ventures, accolades, and even a stint on her Dutch TV show. As the CEO and founder of the Superpeople Company, Wendy wears many hats, serving as a program manager and guest lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, where she imparts her wealth of knowledge in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We at CIO Global, are proud to introduce Wendy Broersen as one of the Promising Women Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2024.

At the core of Wendy’s entrepreneurial spirit is her innovative inclusion model AIM, outlined in her acclaimed book ‘NOT for HR,’ recently nominated for ‘Management Book of the Year.’ Through her leadership, the Superpeople Company assists organizations worldwide in fostering inclusivity, attracting, retaining, and developing diverse workforces. Renowned for her unconventional approach, Wendy challenges traditional methods to deliver impactful and rapid results, particularly in instances where conventional approaches fall short. Wendy’s inspiration to start her own business stemmed from a deep-seated belief in the potential of every individual to contribute valuable solutions to society’s challenges. Motivated by the injustices stemming from discrimination based on age, gender, sexual orientation, ability, or socioeconomic status, Wendy embarked on a mission to rectify these disparities and create a more equitable world. Her vision is centered on empowering marginalized voices and ensuring equal opportunities for all, regardless of background, thereby fostering a level playing field where everyone can contribute their unique perspectives and solutions.

“Every individual holds the potential to contribute valuable solutions to the world’s challenges.” – Wendy Broersen

The Superpeople Company’s business concept is characterized by over 12 years of expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion strategy, consultancy, and training. Setting themselves apart from others, they offer their expertise freely, emphasizing genuine change over profit. Through innovative methods such as gamification and virtual reality (VR), they focus on tangible actions for immediate impact, providing ongoing support to ensure clients stay on track, thus establishing themselves as leaders in delivering effective DEI solutions.

As a woman entrepreneur, Wendy has faced various challenges, including gender bias and stereotypes prevalent in male-dominated industries. To overcome these obstacles, she has demonstrated resilience and assertiveness, actively seeking mentorship and networking opportunities to build a support system and gain valuable insights. Navigating obstacles in the business world, Wendy made two pivotal decisions that shaped her company’s trajectory. Firstly, she strategically established it with an international focus, laying the groundwork for subsequent global expansion. Secondly, she ensured that the company’s identity transcended any single individual, striking a balance between being the face of the company and preventing over-reliance on her individual presence, thus ensuring its sustainability and independence.

What truly sets the Superpeople Company apart is its innovative approach, harnessing tools like gamification, VR, AR, activation events, digital challenges, and inspiration-driven initiatives to drive tangible change within organizations. Their commitment extends beyond initial engagements, providing ongoing support to clients, ensuring they stay on the path of change. With their blend of historical expertise, forward-thinking strategies, and dynamic methodologies, they position themselves as industry leaders, offering a unique and effective approach to DEI that truly stands out.

Wendy Broersen’s short-term goal for her business is to consolidate its position in Europe while staying updated on the evolving landscape of diversity and inclusion. With increasing regulations driving this agenda, she aims to solidify her company’s presence in the region and ensure its services align with emerging standards. Looking further ahead, her long-term goal involves expanding the operational scope into East Asia and Africa, seeing this expansion as a natural progression given the global trend towards prioritizing diversity and inclusion. Despite the challenges posed by diverse cultures and regulatory frameworks, Wendy remains optimistic about her ability to navigate these complexities.

“Our commitment extends beyond initial engagements, providing ongoing support to clients, ensuring they stay on the path of change.” – Wendy Broersen

Describing her leadership style as open, accessible, and always ready to acknowledge that she does not know it all, Wendy Broersen emphasizes transparency and inclusivity in running her business. Wendy acknowledges several mentors who have influenced her entrepreneurial journey, including her father, a seasoned consultant and finance expert, her mother, who instilled in her a sense of optimism, and influential figures like Annemarie van Gaal, Oprah, and Michael Knulst, whose coaching provided her with a different perspective in business, resulting in significant business growth. Envisioning her business as a global leader in promoting diversity and inclusion, Wendy aims to foster positive change across continents by tapping into the universal human desire for appreciation, respect, and equal opportunities.

Wendy Broersen stays adaptable in a rapidly changing business environment by creating a no hierarchy, hybrid organization that fosters innovation, encourages learning and development, and promotes attending relevant events to stay updated and connected. In building and maintaining a strong team, Wendy emphasizes inclusion and diversity, recognizing their role not only in her business but also in building better companies. Managing work-life balance, Wendy addresses the question, noting that while she manages well according to her friends, husband, and children, she also raises the question of whether similar inquiries are posed to male entrepreneurs. Inspired by figures like Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Blakely, and numerous female entrepreneurs in her network and organizations like PWN and WEconnect, Wendy draws motivation from their achievements and contributions.

Management Book of The Year

Incorporating technology into her business operations, Wendy strives to leverage technology for good, embracing its potential to enhance efficiency and effectiveness while aligning with her vision of creating positive impact. Offering advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs, Wendy encourages them to dream big, adopt principles like “pay yourself first,” prioritize self-care, and recognize the importance of self-compensation for business growth. In the next few years, Wendy Broersen envisions her company as the go-to authority for creating a safe and inclusive organizational culture, aiming to be regarded as an industry leader in her field.

In conclusion, Wendy Broersen’s entrepreneurial journey embodies resilience, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the business world. Her leadership style, characterized by transparency, inclusivity, and a willingness to learn, sets a powerful example for aspiring entrepreneurs. Wendy’s vision of creating positive change on a global scale through her business reflects her unwavering determination to make a meaningful impact. As she continues to inspire and empower others, Wendy Broersen stands as a beacon of hope and possibility for those striving to build inclusive, successful ventures.