Elena Fernandes: Redefining Success with Integrity and Purpose

Photographer: Aaditya Munjal

Elena Fernandes is a remarkable individual with a diverse and rich background. Born and raised in London, Elena is of Indian and South American descent. Her academic journey is impressive; she completed her undergraduate degree in law, followed by an LBC in law, a master’s in International Law, and she is currently pursuing her second master’s in International Peace and Security. Her career took an unexpected turn when she was scouted to be a model, a transition she managed seamlessly thanks to her resilience and strong work ethic. This path eventually led her to acting and embracing the role of an influencer. Through her platform, Elena strives to be a positive and authentic presence, using her influence for good. We at CIO Global, are proud to introduce Elena Fernandes as Female Influencer of the Year 2024.

Credits: Aaditya Munjal

Elena’s journey to becoming an influencer was not driven by a specific inspiration but rather evolved naturally from who she is and what she does. She appreciates the trust and admiration people have for her and is dedicated to being a good role model. Elena believes in leading by example and giving people hope, constantly encouraging them to believe that things will improve. One of the most memorable moments in Elena’s career was delivering a TEDx talk. She considers this experience a significant milestone, as TEDx is a prestigious platform that provides an opportunity to make a meaningful impact. Being invited to speak was a testament to her influence and dedication to making a difference.

Photographer: Aaditya Munjal 

Photographer: Mona Munshi

“I maintain my authenticity by simply being myself. I don’t pretend to be anyone else and show my true self to my audience.”

Credits: Aaditya Munjal / Mona Munshi

Elena is her own toughest critic, always setting new goals and targets. However, she has recently begun to reflect on her achievements and acknowledge that she has accomplished what many dream of. For her, success is synonymous with happiness, and it is an ongoing journey of self-discovery and fulfillment. Elena’s journey has not been without its challenges. It requires a great deal of resilience and determination. She has faced time-consuming obstacles and the loss of relationships with people who did not understand her path. The career demands a lot of hard work and consistency due to its inherent instability. Despite these challenges, Elena has persevered, demonstrating the strength and dedication needed to succeed.

Elena is well-known for her genuine interaction with her audience. She frequently engages in live videos, personally responds to messages, and always takes the time to connect with fans in person. She believes that her fans are the foundation of her career, and she values every opportunity to build a community around her content. What truly sets Elena apart from other influencers is her authenticity and genuineness. She prides herself on being real and transparent, with unwavering morals and passions that cannot be compromised. Elena’s integrity and dedication to her beliefs make her a standout figure in the world of influencers.

Elena Fernandes takes immense pride in every campaign she has been a part of, whether it’s with major brands like L’Oréal or Adidas, her editorials, or the overall longevity of her career. She recognizes that many of her peers who started in the industry at the same time are no longer active, making her enduring presence a significant achievement. Negative feedback or online criticism doesn’t affect Elena. She views it as insignificant, coming from random individuals hiding behind their screens. Rather than being hurt, she feels a sense of pity for these people, as they must have a lot of time to waste on spamming or trolling others.

Elena’s advice to aspiring influencers is to always have a backup plan. She emphasizes the importance of not confining oneself to a single path and highlights her own legal career as her backup. She believes in diversifying one’s skills and pursuits. Elena maintains her authenticity by simply being herself. She doesn’t pretend to be anyone else and shows her true self to her audience. This genuine approach helps her stay true to her values and maintain integrity in her content. Balancing personal life and career can be challenging for Elena, but she makes a conscious effort to integrate the two. For example, if she has a shoot in the Maldives, she tries to bring her partner along. She invests heavily in her career while striving to include her personal life, giving her all to both aspects, even though finding someone who can match her dedication can be difficult.

“Success for me is happiness, and that is a journey I am on.”

Credits: Raakesh Yadhav

Elena believes that influencers, like everyone else, are human and shouldn’t be pressured to speak on every issue. Influencers should focus on topics they are passionate about and knowledgeable in. She avoids commenting on subjects she doesn’t fully understand to prevent spreading misinformation and creating unnecessary conflict. Elena stays aware of the latest trends and changes in the influencer industry but remains true to herself. She follows her own preferences and interests rather than blindly following trends, ensuring that her content stays genuine and reflective of her personal style.

Elena’s creative process varies daily. She might share glimpses of her personal life, such as her cats and charity work, or provide insights into her shoots. Her content is driven by her daily activities and passions, which include beauty, skin, fashion, and more. This dynamic approach keeps her content fresh and engaging. Looking ahead, Elena aims to take her influencer career to the next level. She is always striving for improvement and seeking new opportunities to enhance her impact and reach in the industry.

“I believe in leading by example and giving people hope, constantly encouraging them to believe that things will improve.”

Credits: Tiny Island Maldives