Dr. Kelley Mullick: Pioneering Leadership in Technology and Inclusion

In a world where leadership knows no gender, Dr. Kelley Mullick stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring leaders, particularly women, in the technology sector. As the Vice President of Technology Advancements and Alliances at Iceotope, her career journey is a testament to the power of adaptability and continuous learning. We at CIO Global, are proud to have Dr. Kelley Mullick as one of the Women Leaders of the 21st Century.

Career Evolution:

Dr. Kelley Mullick’s journey began with a strong foundation in chemistry and biology. Her trajectory took an unexpected turn when a senior engineer recognized her engineering aptitude. This recognition sparked her pursuit of further education, leading her to earn a master’s degree. She then honed her skills in chemical engineering and program management at Kimberly Clark and Battelle Memorial Institute. Realizing the importance of a Ph.D. in her career progression, she delved into research, earning her doctorate from The Ohio State University. These diverse experiences uniquely prepared her for her current role in liquid cooling technology, where she focuses on thermal modeling, computational fluid dynamics, and chemical interactions.

“Mentorship has been integral to my career, and it started early. In high school, I sought approval to study both algebra and geometry together so that I could take calculus with a specific teacher.”

Motivation for Leadership:

For Dr. Mullick, leadership was a natural progression. Her multidisciplinary background enabled her to seamlessly bridge the gap between technology and business. Joining Intel allowed her to explore the impact of technology on customers and delve into the complexities of data centers. This experience crystallized her passion for the fusion of business and technology, positioning her as a leader who understands both realms and can drive innovation at their intersection.

As a young female engineer, Dr. Mullick faced challenges in having her voice heard. To overcome this, she strategically sought support from senior managers as advocates and practiced early stakeholder management to align perspectives. Empathetic listening became a cornerstone of her approach, gradually breaking down barriers and fostering a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere.

Shaping Leadership Style:

Dr. Mullick’s leadership style was profoundly shaped by her collaboration with a mentor and friend, where they initiated a program for executive-level women. This experience reinforced her commitment to empowering others and highlighted the impact of tailored leadership initiatives.

Several women leaders at Intel played a transformative role in Dr. Mullick’s career. Their encouragement and recognition of her strengths propelled her into positions where she could leverage her abilities. These women leaders demonstrated the power of mentorship, strategic support, and fostering a sense of community, inspiring her to uplift others.

Qualities of a Great Leader:

Dr. Mullick believes that great leaders possess a unique ability to approach projects from both detailed and big-picture perspectives. Their collaborative nature fosters diverse thinking within teams, resulting in higher-performing teams and better business outcomes.

Dr. Mullick actively promotes diversity and inclusion through outreach, community-building, and inclusive hiring practices. She believes in creating a workplace that reflects the diversity she champions, as research shows it benefits both businesses and teams.

A highlight of her career was receiving an award for her contributions to diversity and inclusion at Intel. This recognition affirmed the impact of her initiatives in creating a more inclusive and supportive professional landscape.

“Embrace what you love and identify your core strengths. Recognize and advocate for your talents, just as I did in my career.”

Advice to Aspiring Women Leaders:

Dr. Mullick advises young women to embrace their passions and identify their core strengths. Additionally, she encourages strategic decision-making that aligns with both passion and practicality, emphasizing the importance of genuine interest and skill leverage in building a successful career.

Mentorship played a pivotal role in Dr. Mullick’s career. She advises aspiring leaders to seek mentors who genuinely inspire them and share their values. Networking events and community-building activities can serve as platforms to connect with potential mentors.

Future of Women in Leadership:

Dr. Mullick acknowledges that there is still work to be done to achieve equity in leadership roles. She emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion programs, despite current challenges, as research demonstrates their positive impact on business success.

In the inspiring journey of Dr. Kelley Mullick, we find a leader who defies gender stereotypes, advocates for diversity and inclusion, and believes in the power of mentorship to shape the leaders of tomorrow. Her story reminds us that the path to leadership is paved with determination, adaptability, and a commitment to empowering others.

“I believe diversity and inclusion programs are the key to long-term success. Despite the charged political climate in the US around these types of programs, the research does show that promoting these types of programs offer a business benefit and an overall indication of success.”