Discover the Joy of Bird Feeding with Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

For over four decades, Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc. has been dedicated to delighting bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Since our inception in 1981 by our founder and CEO, Jim Carpenter, we have grown into a network of 360 stores across the United States and Canada. With a passion for connecting people with the wonders of nature, we have become a leading name in the backyard bird feeding industry. We at CIO Global, are proud to have Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc. as one of 2023’s Top 10 Finest Franchises to Own Today.

Our Purpose: Bringing Joy to Lives

At Wild Birds Unlimited, our mission goes beyond selling products – it’s about creating joy and fulfillment in the lives of our customers. We offer top-notch bird food, feeders, and accessories, but what truly sets us apart is the experience we provide. It’s the joy of immersing yourself in nature, observing birds in your backyard, and sharing that excitement with others that defines our brand.

Who We Serve

Our diverse customer base includes avid bird-watchers, families looking to enhance their outdoor experiences, and everyone in between. Through digital and social media initiatives, we’ve extended our reach to younger families, ensuring that the joy of bird feeding knows no age limit. Additionally, we actively engage with our community through partnerships with esteemed organizations like the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, National Wildlife Foundation, Birds Canada, and The National Arbor Day Society.

Franchise Opportunities: Spreading Joy Together

If you’re passionate about nature and want to make a difference, consider joining our family of franchise owners. With 81 million people participating in bird feeding and wildlife watching, our franchise offers a promising venture. What makes our opportunity special is the genuine dedication of our franchisees, their alignment with our mission, and the unwavering support we provide.

Comprehensive Support and Innovation

At Wild Birds Unlimited, we stand by our franchisees every step of the way. From personalized coaching during the initial year to ongoing guidance from regional Business Coaches, we ensure our franchise owners are equipped for success. We invest in innovative online platforms, empowering our franchisees to adapt to market changes seamlessly. Even in the face of challenges like the Covid-19 pandemic, we swiftly adapted, enhancing our online presence and services to meet our customers’ needs.

Join the Joyous World of Bird Feeding

Whether you’re a passionate bird enthusiast seeking the best bird feeding experience or an aspiring entrepreneur searching for a fulfilling venture, Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc. welcomes you to our community. Experience the joy of bird feeding with us – contact us at 888-730-7108 or email Paul Pickett, our Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice President of Franchising, at to embark on this joyous journey with Wild Birds Unlimited, Inc.

“Our mission is to offer the best products, expert advice, and personalized service to our customers, creating a sense of joy and fulfillment in their lives.”