Best Option Restoration: Opting the Best

Best Option Restoration is a trusted leader in the disaster restoration industry with an extensive franchise throughout the United States. They’ve been in business since 2016 with more than 20 years of experience in the field. BOR began franchising in 2018 and has opened over one dozen franchises in the United States. Nick-Anthony Zamucen is the CEO of Best Option Restoration and their main branch is located at Southpark Cir. Suite, Littleton, Colorado. The organisation has a lot of expertise in disaster restoration services. These include water damage remediation, structural drying, mold remediation, damage re-construction, debris removal, contents cleaning, fire damage restoration, sewage remediation, dehumidification, and climate control. In the last year, BOR has been ranked in Entrepreneur’s Top New Franchises. This ranking was based on an evaluation of more than 150 data points in the areas of costs and fees, size and growth, franchisee support, brand strength, and financial strength and stability. We at CIO Global, are proud to have B.O.R. Restoration as one of 2023’s Top 10 Finest Franchises to Own Today.

The Mission and the Roots of BOR

With the tagline Leaving the world better than we found it” Best Option Reservation is indeed becoming best choice for the people. They value humanity and love to improve people’s lives. As BOR uses only certified IICRC & IRI technicians, it focuses on making its clients feel at home again after a disaster. They are a franchised organization that sell, train, and mentor the Best Option Restoration franchises nationwide. Their franchises specialize in residential water, mold and fire mitigation as well as content cleaning.

Offered Services

In the world of residential mitigation, there are no shortage of companies who are in the space. However, they are all doing the same things, they are all chasing the same dollar, not offering anything new. They are all just a man in a van with a fan, nothing special and most aren’t very good frankly. Best Option Restoration has adopted and perfected a new way of drying structures in half the time. A better and more efficient, not to mention effective way of working, thermal technology. They build drying chambers in the client’s home and dry structures in half the time, thus keeping the mess and time to the bare minimum. Their methods have proven to not only the best in the business, but customers have been extremely happy with the speed and ease of their process. Best Option Restoration franchises are trained to not only perform mitigation projects faster than anyone else, but also trained to be empathetic to the homeowners needs and concerns. They really are trying to leave the world better than they found it. “Leaving the world better than we found it” isnot just a slogan, it’s a company mission and a way of life for them.

Core Values and the Culture

Talking about the company’s culture and values, Nick-Anthony Zamucen shared some insights about the organisation.

“Our Best Option Restoration franchises are family. We love our group, and we try to support our franchisees like they are our own family. As in any family, you have brothers and sisters that you may speak to on a daily basis. On balance, you also have distant cousins that you may only see once a year and a family reunion. Both are equally important as they are part of the family, but you may be closer with some than others. We speak about this a lot in training class here in Denver. We let the franchisees dictate the pace of their relationship with us. No one wants to force a relationship, but we do want the franchises to know we are always here with open arms and an open-door policy. I personally speak to numerous franchises throughout the country weekly. I am proud to state that every franchise has my personal phone number and has full right to call or text as they wish.”  

Driving Force of the Organisation

Best Option Restoration began franchising due in part, seeing the old guard in the industry and how poorly they were treating people in need. When people needed a company the most in a time of need, BOR were seeing companies take advantage of the situation, specially the insurance company. They’re just seemed to be a real need for an ethical company who cared about people, their property and the mitigation project. For BOR, it seemed the industry just got too big and caring seemed to be sacrificed in the process. Now, people are calling Best Option Restoration in a time of need as they also try to fix the situation gently and with a little disruption to a homeowner’s life. The organisation is focusing on doing the right thing by providing every kind of support to the people in the time of crisis.  

Standing in the crowd

Talking about what makes BOR an appealing choice, CEO and founder Nick-Anthony Zamucen says,

“We are in a 220+ Billion-dollar industry. The restoration industry isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t matter what the economy is doing, how the stock market is preforming, who won the Super Bowl, or who’s President; pipes are going to burst, mold is going to grow, and fires unfortunately will happen. There needs to be a company out there that people can trust and rely on in a time of need. Best Option Restoration hopes to be that company as we walk our talk and prove it in our actions.”

Key factors for selecting the franchise owner and the vision

When BOR look for a franchise, they look for someone who is a team player. Someone who wants to participate and who buys into their thought of always doing the right thing for the client even if it’s perhaps not the right thing for the franchisee’s pocketbook. They are trusted by homeowners to help a situation in a time of need, not to take advantage of every little opportunity that arises. Indeed, which organization doesn’t want profit for their franchise but in case of BOR, they take care of people and never take any advantage of them. Talking about the trends and recent franchise services, the CEO of Best Option Restoration doesn’t see the same thought process or ideology in other franchised organizations. It seems to be a money making business for many of them rather than anything. That’s how BOR stands out in the crowd by providing the best services to the people, for the people.   

Further Support

Every franchise is teamed up with a million-dollar franchise producer. Best Option Restoration has built a franchise ecosystem that feeds on its own experience and energy from the group. A new franchise will also have a corporate trainer and, everyone has Nick-Anthony Zamucen’s cell number if they want his opinion. They also have monthly zoom calls, quarterly training courses and annual meetings as they never want their franchisees to feel alone or lost on upcoming projects. The franchise owners pay money for support, knowledge and training and BOR makes sure they don’t underperform in any of those categories. Best Option Restoration is truly the best option, it’s right there in their name.