Aliye Jeppar: A Journey of Resilience and Innovation in Business and PR

Aliye Jeppar, a name synonymous with resilience and innovation, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 25. Armed with a degree in International Economics from IPFM (London) and a nutrition course from Cambridge University, Aliye found herself navigating the challenging world of business after a divorce, left to build a new life for herself and her infant son. With minimal startup capital, Aliye’s tenacity led her to establish a successful online star’s clothing store, which she later sold as a thriving business. Subsequent ventures included a beauty salon in Crimea, with Aliye and her son subsequently moving to different cities and expanding her businesses, including a new venture in Kiev. We at CIO Global, are proud to have Aliye Jeppar as one of the Influential Women in PR, 2023.

Aliye’s foray into Public Relations was born out of necessity and a desire to balance motherhood with a burgeoning career. With experience gained from promoting her beauty salon, she realized the power of PR in practice. Her journey in PR began with attending a national beauty contest, followed by the launch of a magazine. Despite initial challenges, her small team managed to meet the expectations of partners and sponsors, marking the beginning of a successful PR career. Aliye’s inspiration for her career in PR was deeply personal – her son. Driven by the desire to make him proud, she navigated challenges and sought to create her own success story. Her father, a source of pride, also played a role in shaping her ambitions.

Aliye reflects on the dynamic changes in the PR landscape over the years. Global events have influenced people’s perceptions, leading to shifts in advertising methods. The digital revolution, dominance of social media, influencer marketing, and the modernization of visual content have become key drivers of change. Aliye emphasizes the need for individuals to become their own brand, fostering a new era of influencers and collaborations.

“Balance is about prioritizing what’s essential in your life. I removed everything that depletes me and gives nothing in return. What remains is what’s important and brings pleasure.”

– Aliye Jeppar

Navigating Challenges in a Competitive Industry:

Aliye’s journey involved overcoming competitors and challenges. Emphasizing the value of creating innovations and personal success stories, she believes in the slow but steady growth of a company. Aliye’s advice is to focus on delivering excellent work, constantly developing projects, and recognizing the value of unique experiences.

Aliye recounts memorable moments in her career, including securing an article in a prestigious media outlet without the “advertising” banner—a feat acknowledged by the editor. Another triumph involved featuring a girl on the cover of a sought-after magazine after three years of attempts, showcasing the power of persistence and effective PR strategies.

Constantly staying ahead of trends, Aliye keeps herself informed through market monitoring, digital developments, and reading from reputable sources. Regular participation in forums and a passion for personal development contribute to her success in offering innovative and exclusive PR solutions.

“Diversity can play a crucial role in crafting campaigns and strategies that are bright, new, and memorable. In PR, the search for uniqueness is the key to success.”

– Aliye Jeppar

Advice for Aspiring Women Professionals:

Aliye Jeppar refrains from imposing personal advice but shares what fueled her success. She underscores the importance of inspiration and being in a constant state of flow. In the demanding field of PR, working with diverse individuals requires energy and responsibility. Aliye emphasizes the significance of being well-informed about the industry, making learning and doing what one loves the cornerstone of success in PR. According to Aliye, the role of diversity and inclusion in PR success depends on the project and client goals. In the quest for something bright, new, and memorable, diversity can play a crucial role in crafting campaigns and strategies that resonate with a wider audience.

Building and maintaining relationships with clients and the media are gradual processes hinging on trust and results. Aliye’s approach involves ensuring customer satisfaction, providing exclusive services, and maintaining open communication. Understanding the conditions of working with media partners and possessing strong psychology and communication skills are vital components, alongside patience.

Aliye takes pride in her team’s long-term commitment, with employees having worked for the company for eight years. Regular communication, appreciation, and adaptability in the face of changing circumstances contribute to a positive and inclusive work culture.

Addressing Misconceptions about PR:

One common misconception about PR, according to Aliye, is that it’s only necessary for large companies. She dispels this myth by highlighting that good PR, much like a wise investment, can yield long-term and productive results. The importance of understanding PR as a strategic and valuable asset applies to businesses of all sizes.

Balancing the demands of a fast-paced PR career with personal life is a challenge Aliye navigates with dedication. Loving her job, being passionate about her business, and prioritizing what’s essential in her life allow her to maintain a balance. Despite being a single mother with a busy schedule, she has learned to cut out unnecessary elements and focuses on what brings pleasure and fulfillment.

Future Trends in PR:

Looking ahead, Aliye envisions maximum digitalization as a dominant trend in PR. The rapidly evolving landscape necessitates staying one step ahead efficiently. While there isn’t a universal rule for success in PR, she emphasizes the importance of specialization within PR companies. Personal branding is becoming increasingly crucial, with an emphasis on creating communities that serve various functions. As new digital software emerges, it will bring additional functions for promoting projects, reflecting the dynamic nature of the PR industry.

“Success in PR begins with inspiration – the drive to do something, invent, and find new strength for your projects. Always be in the flow, be informed, and, most importantly, love what you do.”

– Aliye Jeppar